Welcome to MasPractica.com!

This site provides teachers and students of Spanish with the ability to instantly create a variety of both web-based and printable exercises for practicing Spanish. Web-based activities are graded instantly, providing immediate feedback to students, and printable activities are always accompanied by an answer key. Come back often as new topics and exercises are constantly being added!

Dialog Translation Practice

These activities are printable (.docx format) fictional dialogs between an English speaker and a Spanish speaker that provide students with the chance to practice their English-Spanish and Spanish-English translation skills. You can choose among various settings and scenarios (e.g. a sick patient at the doctor's office) and a realistic dialog appropriate for that setting will be chosen at random. Best for advanced learners.

Web-based Grammar Quizzes

These short quizzes allow students to quickly measure their progress in mastering a variety of Spanish grammar concepts. Each quiz is randomly generated and consists of 5 questions. Since each quiz is unique, students can take as many as necessary until they are confident they have a solid grasp on the material. Suitable for all skill levels.

Printable Grammar Exercises

Printable grammar exercises allow teachers (and students!) to generate randomized worksheets/quizzes focused on specific topics in Spanish grammar. The generated exercises are conveniently available in an editable .docx format (compatible with both MS Word and Google Docs), and both the activity and an answer key are generated. Once you have created and downloaded your worksheet, you are free to keep it and modify it as you please. Suitable for all skill levels.

Web-based Vocabulary Quizzes

Web-based vocabulary quizzes allow students to practice a variety of common topics in Spanish vocabulary (travel, food, sports, etc.). Each quiz generated is unique, and students can either choose to match Spanish terms with English terms or match Spanish terms with their Spanish definition (ideal for more advanced students). Suitable for all skill levels.

Printable Vocabulary Exercises

The vocabulary worksheet generator allows Spanish teachers to instantly create printable vocabulary practice exercises (.docx format) on a variety of topics commonly taught in beginning and intermediate Spanish classes (travel, food, etc.). Each worksheet generated is unique and comes with a printable answer key. Teachers will have the opportunity to edit/tweak the activity online before it is converted into a .docx file. Suitable for all skill levels.