About MasPractica.com

MasPractica.com is a website by MasPractica LLC. Consistent practice is essential to learning Spanish (or any other language), so our goal is to provide as many practice opportunities as possible by focusing on randomly generated activities. For student visitors to the site, we focus on creating short, randomized, self-grading web exercises that allow students to quickly measure their comprehension of a variety of Spanish language concepts. For Spanish teachers, we are especially focused on simplifying the creation of printable activities that can be used in a traditional classroom setting as new A.I. systems have resulted in rampant cheating, making it less desirable to assign online homework. New practice activities and exercises are constantly being added, so come back frequently!

About MasPractica LLC

While our primary focus is this present site, MasPractica LLC is also willing to assist your company/organization/institution with the creation of educational/training materials, depending on your specific needs. If you are an educator or trainer looking for help developing online/e-learning tools, don't hesitate to contact us at the link below!